The Dark Knight, The Darkness, Area 52: October 24th Comic Reel Wrap


Director Christopher Nolan and producer Chuck Roven were interviewed by this German site, and that interview and all of its spoilers were thoughtfully translated by Batman Movie News and Updates.


Creator Paul Jenkins gave CBR News an update on the development of a feature film based on the Top Cow property.


According to Variety, Benderspink has hired helmer Steven C. Miller to direct the Brian Haberlin adaptation from tyro screenwriter Jack Phillips' script.


Actor Lou Ferrigno talked to MTV about Edward Norton's involvement in the movie. "We talked about it. I believe he rewrote the script because he's very involved with the character," Ferrigno said. "He's not just doing another movie, he wanted to be involved with the character. I think that's going to bring it to the next level."


Art director Chad Frey mentioned on his website that he'll be joining the crew for the Paramount picture.

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Times is reporting that there's movement on the screenplay for the toy adaptation. "Given what's at stake and the [time] we have left, our writers on every project are working under inhuman amounts of pressure," said Lorenzo di Bonaventura, who is producing "G.I. Joe," Paramount Pictures' would-be tent-pole movie for summer 2009, which as of last week hadn't even been officially greenlighted. In September, the "G.I. Joe" team hired "Collateral" scribe Stuart Beattie to begin a total overhaul of the script. Beattie turned in his first draft by the beginning of October and is now busily working on a second set of revisions, which are due back to Paramount on Oct. 31.


The aforementioned article in the Los Angeles Times also spoke on the Hugh Jackman-fueled spin off. "Just last week, 20th Century Fox issued an announcement that the studio was laying claim to May 1, 2009, as the release date for its big-budget sci-fi spinoff 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' starring Hugh Jackman. This was just days after it issued an urgent SOS to the major agencies looking for a quick rewrite person."


UGO's Movie Blog has detailed information on the latest draft of the script, with a lot of spoilers.

Also, Superhero Hype has a rumor about casting. Their scooper wrote, "About three weeks ago I got to go along to some casting sessions in Soho for a movie called 'Justice League.' I didn't know what it was until I saw the character list later. I would have figured it out earlier but with a movie like that one they don't let them actually read from the proper script until they're officially cast. Anyway, we went through a whole bunch of British actors and some of them were pretty good. But I've heard today that one of them has been cast, or I guess is about to be cast, as Superman. I don't remember his audition, but I was out of the room for a lot of it. Anyway, the guy everyone is talking about is called Rupert Evans." The rumor is repeated by Ain't It Cool News.


Kryptonsite has more screen captures from tomorrow's episode "Action."


Director Michael Bay told E! Online what he wanted for the sequel. "It's not about upping it. It's about still keeping the heart," Bay said. "I keep telling the writers, remember the heart and the magic, remember the heart and the magic. It's not about being bigger."


That's not Ralph Macchio -- Comics2Film has a report on the debut of Karate Kid on the animated series. Nemesis Kid also makes his debut.


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