The Dark Knight strikes online

[Dark Knight Strikes Again #1]Sales figures on "The Dark Knight Strikes Again" indicate that DC's follow-up to "The Dark Knight Returns" is in very high demand. Excitement is also evident in online forums where fans discuss the arrival of the new book on December 5th. Taking all that into consideration DC Comics has fanned the flames of excitement more by posting what can best be described as a Dark Knight mini-site at their official Web site, DCComics.com.

On the site fans can download desktop images of Frank Miller's Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman and others to place on their computers. Of interest are 28 sketches that include some interesting depictions of other DC characters like Plastic Man, Hawkman, Green Lantern and others.

The site also includes three pages from the first issue which will give fans a taste of Lynn Varley's color style on this series, which is quite a bit different than other projects she's worked on in the past.

Coming soon to the Web site is an "animation" section which we assume will be a Flash animated trailer of some sort.

You can see more for yourself at www.dccomics.com.

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