The Dark Knight Returns, Captain America, Heroes: September 9th Comic Reel


In the tradition of Ron Perlman and Jessica Alba, actor Michael Caine is well known from dropping crucial spoiler information about upcoming films. His recent chat with MTV Splash Page is no different, where he reveals the two villains that will plague Bruce Wayne in the next sequel, confirming rumors that have swirled around the production for some time. Again, spoilers ahoy ...


The rumor from the very busy MTV is that actor Will Smith has been offered a shield and a star spangled uniform. "I heard they offered Will Smith 'Captain America,'" actor Derek Luke said. "just shows you how times have changed." Nobody said Steve Rogers or Isaiah Bradley. Just saying ...


CBR News has an interview with actor Zachary Quinto talking about the new season.


We got an email pointing out this exclusive interview with actor Cassidy Freeman, talking about her character Tess Mercer. "Tess is not as simple as evil," Freeman said. "She has a past full of vulnerability, strength and growth. I'm most excited about getting to live with this woman for such a long time. It is not often that an actor gets to embody a character actively for the better part of year, and I'm excited to get to see where she goes. Believe me, usually the fans know about things before I do!"


According to Variety, Fox almost fired director Gavin Hood. "Two backup directors were in place before Richard Donner -- who is married to the film's producer Lauren Shuler Donner -- flew to the Australian set to smooth things over," the trade reported. "At the time, Fox insisted that Richard Donner was on-set because he is a producer on the film. However, current credits for the film list various producers, but Donner is not one of them."

Speaking of the Hugh Jackman-fueled production, actor Aaron Jeffrey confirmed his involvement in the movie. "I can't say much, but it was a fantastic experience being part of the film ... It was the biggest sandpit I've ever played in," Jeffery said.


Latino Review has a spoiler filled script review of the new Mark Millar project.


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