"The Dark Knight Returns" Batman, Joker Join Funko's POP! Vinyl Series

Frank Miller's seminal "The Dark Knight Returns" has influenced comic book culture for three decades now, and to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of the graphic novel, Funko has announced a new POP! vinyl figure series.

Based on the iconic artwork by Miller and co-illustrator Klaus Janson, these adorable mini-figures might stand at odds with DKR's thematic tone, but it's tough not to fawn over Funko's Armored Batman, Joker, and Carrie Kelly offerings. There's no word on whether the line will eventually include an elderly Superman or the Mutant Leader, but fans and collectors can snag the initial roster in July.

Debuted in 1986, "The Dark Knight Rises" marked a turning point for both Batman comics and the DC brand that would continue up to this year's "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice." Miller would later pen a sequel, "The Dark Knight Strikes Again," and is currently in the midst of his third outing in the series, "DKIII: The Master Race," co-written by Brian Azzarello.

via Comic Book Movie

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