The Dark Knight, Powers, Hellboy 2, Transformers: June 28th Comic Reel Wrap


According to Variety, actors Melinda McGraw and Nathan Gamble have joined the cast as the wife and son of Lt. James Gordon. No word on Babs.

ABC7Chicago.com has a five minute video taken on the set yesterday, while Superhero Hype has a mildly spoiler-y set report


CBR interviewed creator Brian Michael Bendis who revealed the rights to the property had reverted back from Sony. "It wasn't working and they spent a lot of money," Bendis said, "so we said, 'okay, just give it back and we'll set up somewhere else.' Then later they called back and said, 'well, maybe we'll buy it again' and then they asked me, y'know, 'what is it?' And they were nice about it, but when they say to me 'what is it?' I'm like -- you've had it for six years, you're asking now? They still wanted to carve a piece of 'Spider-Man' out of it, and it's just not Spider-Man. I was like , 'Think 'Seven,' guys. There's another genre that's popular that you can make money out of. Think of that one, not this other one.' And that's when they said, 'ah, just go ahead and take it.' So now we're going to go find a home for it."

Bendis also revealed that "Jinx" is in active development and the screenplay draft of "Torso" just came in recently.


Keeping it all in the family, Neil Gaiman's daughter Maddy posted some blogs from the set of the Guillermo del Toro-helmed sequel over on Gaiman's website.


Actor Jon Voight is quoted at Sci Fi Wire talking about working with director Michael Bay. "Laughter is necessary when you're working on a film like this," Voight said. "But Michael is ... so active on the set. Some directors just sit in front of a monitor, you know, and you don't get much interaction. But with Michael he's in everybody's [face], you know, energy. He'll be painting sometimes, lifting the camera. He's everywhere, you know? So he's quite an amazing persona on a set."

Moviehole has posted another review of the film while three of those Michael Bay-directed GM commercials have popped up on YouTube.


Variety is also reporting that New Line is looking to get the Cimmerian character back on the silver screen.


Actor Thomas Jane was quoted at ShockTilYouDrop.com as having an interest in taking on the role of the Comedian. "I'm staying quiet about it," Jane said. "I know that Zack's interested and that's a great compliment."


Bringing it back to Gotham, Toon Zone has a promotional image from the two part fifth season premiere, which features Superman.


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