The Dark Knight, Iron Man, Speed Racer: August 8th Comic Reel Wrap


A digital Dent? A new rumor from Film Ick claims that effects company Cinesite is working on computer generated effects for Two Face ... what could that mean?


CBR News has the inside scoop on everything director Jon Favreau had to say in San Diego.


Actor Scott Porter talked to IGN about accelerating his career in the cartoon adaptation. "The Wachowskis are just amazing visionaries," Porter said. "It was a pleasure to work with them. The Matrix is one of my favorite movies of all time. Just to see how they work, and to work with Susan Sarandon and John Goodman and all those fantastic actors, it was just great. They're wonderful people behind the scenes and 'Speed Racer' is going to be that movie that blows people's minds next year."


Following up information CBR reported way back on March 12th, the trade publication Variety is reporting that Hollywood Gang's Gianni Nunnari and Nick Wechsler have teamed to option screen rights to the Warren Ellis sci fi thriller. Nunnari and Wechsler will produce, and Craig J. Flores is exec producing. They're also adapting Frank Miller's "Ronin," and Nunnari produced "300."


Could the erstwhile "X-Men 3" director be gearing up for a trip to Asgard? Ain't It Cool News caught up to "Stardust" helmer Matthew Vaughn, who said, "I've been discussing it with Marvel. I really like the Marvel guys, and it would be good to make. We're trying to find something to work on together. If 'THOR' is going to happen, I don't know. I'm seeing them again next week. And, the other problem is the whole strike thing. It's, like, we'd like to make a movie before the strike, so whether THOR could be the one, I don't know."


The trailer's on YouTube already? Cool!


One screenwriter you can guarantee will not be in contention for the next sequel is previous franchise scripter David Koepp, or so they're saying at IGN. "Koepp, who is gearing up to direct the film 'Ghost Town' next month with Ricky Gervais and Greg Kinnear, is simply too busy to tackle the project, sources informed us."


Actress Rosario Dawson is quoted at Superhero Hype saying that she wants to get involved with another Frank Miller project. "I did see him at Comic-Con and we did chat a little bit about it," Dawson said, "but we'll have to see about that, and 'Sin City 2' is something that's on the backburner right now, so I'm curious about that."


IGN also has a heap o' alleged spoilers about the plot for the Thomas Jane-free sequel.


There's new video from the direct to DVD animated feature at World's Finest.


Teen Avengers? That title is so "Q2 Financial Statement" ago -- the newly named animated movie has a first look featurette over at IESB for you to check out.


Kryptonsite has the new promotional image of Erica Durance as Lois Lane.


Sticking with the coaxial vein for a moment, Herosite has some spoilers that shed some new light on developments happening for the hit NBC series.


The company's second quarter financial statement as always hid some gems about what movie moves are planned by the House of Ideas, and the whole list is up at Superhero Hype, including who's writing "Nick Fury" and more.


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