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The Dark Knight, Iron Man, Legion of 5: April 16th Comic Reel Wrap

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The Dark Knight, Iron Man, Legion of 5: April 16th Comic Reel Wrap


Two-fisted district attorney candidate Harvey Dent saved the day, or at least that’s what it says on his website, which has raw audio of Dent saving a hostage from “crazed smear cop” Sgt. Frank Notaro, right at Rossi’s Deli.  “Do we continue to allow our worst nature to lead us?” Dent wrote. “Or do we take a chance on hope? That’s the choice I laid out to Frank Notaro. And he responded. He released an innocent, terrified girl. He turned himself in. And he is now talking to the police about mob involvement in the smear campaign against me.  That’s the real lesson of the incident. We must, all of us, have the courage to hope. If we have the power to change ourselves, if we have the power to change one person, then we have the power to change Gotham.”


Director Jon Favreau was the subject of an interview at Moviehole, where he notes that he keeps an eye on the interwebs.  “I’m one of them, one of the community. They know that”, Favreau said. “I read everything. It’s a great way to listen in at the big water cooler, and see what people are thinking. It’s been a tremendous asset in my career, and it’s been very helpful in bringing ‘Iron Man’ to the big screen … You have to take into consideration what the popular opinion is. I get a lot of feedback from the people I work with, and work for, but I also keep my ear to the ground.”


According to the Hollywood Reporter, comics legend Stan Lee has teamed up with Rainmaker Entertainment and Brighton Partners to launch a new superhero property, planned as a series of CG-animated films but with a cross-platform approach to include games, online and mobile releases. Merchandizing is part of the plan as well.  Details of the characters and story line are being kept under wraps.


Speaking of the Hollywood Reporter, the trade also reports that DreamWorks has optioned the rights to the Platinum Studios’ comic book for a live-action feature adaptation to be produced by studio-based Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci.  Platinum chairman and CEO Scott Mitchell Rosenberg also will produce.


Screenwriter Zak Penn was interviewed by Comicmix and noted that he’s got his eye on Westchester.  “I’m … supposed to write and direct one of the ‘X-Men’ spin-off movies for Fox,” Penn said, “but that’s not a Marvel film. It’s not a pure Marvel movie. It’s a Fox thing … t’s like a young X-Men.  It’s a pretty cool idea, actually.  I can’t sell you the whole idea, but it involves a younger group of X-Men at the beginning.”


New clips from the next new episode, “Descent” …

… that’s Lextastic!


We can’t do this without you.  The rumors, the scoops, the set photos — they’re all fueled by passionate fans emailing in the goods.  The ones who ask, “What do you mean your sister’s dating somebody who works for Warner Brothers?”  The ones who know the code names of movie projects and scour city permit filings for them.  The devoted, the involved.  Fans, just like you.  Whatever you know, we wanna know, and whether you want your name shouted to the web’s rafters or kept closer than a classified report, we’ve got you covered like a comforter.  Broadcasting live from Los Angeles, this is your humble scribe Hannibal Tabu saying thank you for your time and indulgence, we’ve got fresh comics reviews online and [tagline due to return with new WGA drafts this week].

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