The Dark Knight, Iron Man, Heroes: November 28th Comic Reel Wrap


Very funny -- Empire Magazine has revealed their new cover featuring actor Heath Ledger in full costume as the Joker. Mmm, scruffy looking ... thanks to "Holden" for the early email on that one.

Meanwhile, the viral sites keep buzzing, including clues from an email which lead you here, and if you reset your computer's clock to 7:38 AM (the time "Taffyface" was killed, according to the Gotham Times, you can open the vault and look inside. Oh, and there's four more viral sites you can poke at: Gotham USD, Gotham Cab, Acme Security Systems and The GVA Foundation.


One billionaire super hero follows another -- IGN has new photos from the Jon Favreau-helmed Marvel movie.


Herosite has over 300 screen captures from Monday's exciting episode, "Truth & Consequences," while director Greg Beeman has updated his spoiler-laden blog.


Oh, that wacky Cyborg Superman -- now he's popped up in the future, and Comics2Film has an early look at the last new episode of 2007.


CBR's own Rich Johnston is bandying about a rumor that a whole host of mutant minded movies will deliver direct to DVD, headlined by wide release features on Wolverine and Magneto.


Speaking of CBR, we've also got first looks at new images from the Darwyn Cooke adaptation.


Artist Tim Bradstreet made an interesting posting about the upcoming reboot. "With any luck, the real swan song will present itself in the form of doing some film posters for 'Warzone,'" Bradstreet wrote. "That would be a nice way to go out, right there on top. Incidentally, It's been reported to me unofficially that Lexi, Gale, and company have paid me the ultimate tribute in the upcoming 'Punisher' sequel by naming one of the set locations after me . . . The Brad Street Hotel. Some shots of this location are floating around on line (posted below), but I have yet to confirm this as solid truth from the production. That'd be way cool though eh?"


With an amicable start to the new negotiations, little progress has been reported due to the mutually agreed upon media blackout.

However, since TV host Carson Daly has not only agreed to be the first late night personality to cross the picket line, he sent out an email asking for jokes from friends who will scab for free. Perhaps he should check out Striketron 5000 over at FriendSpaceBook.

On the other side of the line, the Dramatists Guild of America has issued a statement supporting the writers.


We can't do this without you. The rumors, the scoops, the set photos -- they're all fueled by passionate fans emailing in the goods. The ones who ask, "What do you mean your sister's dating somebody who works for Miles Millar?" The ones who know the code names of movie projects and scour city permit filings for them. The devoted, the involved. Fans, just like you. Whatever you know, we wanna know, and whether you want your name shouted to the web's rafters or kept closer than a classified report, we've got you covered like a comforter. Broadcasting live from Los Angeles, this is your humble scribe Hannibal Tabu saying thank you for your time and indulgence, and [tagline redacted until the WGA strike is resolved].

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