The Dark Knight, Iron Man, Hellboy 2: July 27th Comic Reel Wrap


What's that pesky Joker up to this time? The new viral site Why So Serious? seems to indicate that something big is coming here in San Diego, around the time the big panel is slated to happen. Hmm ...


Speaking of costumed billionaires and websites, the official website has been updated with the new image of the armor that people are seeing around the 'con.

Moreover, CBR News has photos of the pre-publicity materials at the Marvel booth, getting ready to show off the Mark 1 armor ...


New release date? All right -- according to Superhero Hype, instead of August 1, 2008, the sequel will be moved up to July 11th, 2008. Please adjust your calendars accordingly.


IGN cornered "Battlestar Galactica" writer Mark Verheiden, who was happy to talk about plans for an adaptation in which he's got a personal stake. "'Ark' is an original that I did," he said. "It's based on a comic story I did around '96, 11 years ago. It's a huge, high-concept, science-fiction story, a big tent-pole thing. We're doing it with Neal Moritz and Mike Richardson at Dark Horse. I hesitate to tell too much about it except the title's 'Ark' with a 'k' -- so that might tell you something. It's going to be a huge adventure story basically, a suspense thriller adventure story. So it will be a lot of fun. But if you want a hint about it, you can try to dig up the old stories. It was in 'Dark Horse Presents' in the hundreds, art by Ron Randall. The story we're going to do is quite different from the one you see in the comics, but they bought the comic. We had tried to take shots at setting it up before, but things just came together this year."


Verheiden also told IGN about adapting the teenaged heroes for the big screen. "It's not light and frothy," the writer said. "It's not silly. I want to play the characters so they feel real to us, not like people we can't understand. And I think Nightwing is a great character for that. "I love the Perez-Wolfman stuff, so we're definitely looking at that, but I don't really want to get into who the team we're picking is yet. But I'm a huge fan of Marv Wolfman's work and I've talked to him about this a little bit. We're friends and if I can be true to his feeling that you get from those books, I'd be very happy."


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