The Dark Knight, Iron Man, Confessions of A Superhero: January 23rd Comic Reel Wrap


The news is no secret now -- actor Heath Ledger is dead, found in a New York apartment. According to the Associated Press, a massage therapist showed up for an appointment, was lead in by a housekeeper, and they found the Australian actor.

An autopsy done to determine the cause of death was inconclusive, but Ledger's family claims the death was accidental and not a suicide as some outlets have reported.

What does this mean for the upcoming Bat-sequel? Variety reports that Warner Brothers is less than certain about how to proceed with the viral marketing campaign, which "is built around the Joker and pics of his character are particularly ghoulish." An insider said, "The Joker character is dealing with chaos and life and death and a lot of dark themes. Everyone is going to interpret every line out of his mouth in a different way now." There's no word on how this would affect any proposed third sequel, although Moviehole has some theories about how it will work.


How about a new image of the golden Avenger to lighten the mood? How about that?


CBR News has a interview with the filmmakers of the documentary.


According to Comingsoon.net, composer Tyler Bates will reteam with his "300" director Zack Snyder for the Alan Moore adaptation.


A series co-star is back in new production stills from upcoming episode "Fracture." You can catch a couple of spoilers in the TV Guide description of the next new episode, "Persona."

Speaking of TV Guide, their Michael Ausiello has some fresh spoilers on the CW series.


The Kids WB has posted new video of the teen heroes dealing with Imperiex.


Time to talk turkey -- according to the Hollywood Reporter, the WGA has officially dropped its demand that it be given jurisdiction over reality and animation writing to "make absolutely clear [its] commitment to bringing a speedy conclusion to negotiations." It did say it would continue organizing efforts intended to bring writers in those genres within its representation. This comes as media sources are optimistic about the chances of restarted negotiations. A note at United Hollywood has a letter from the WGA presidents noting a proposed media blackout for the duration of the informal talks.

Salon.com has gained a copy of the contract between the WGA and David Letterman's Worldwide Pants including the exact language and terms agreed to over the expanded union coverage of animation (Mark Evanier has analysis on blog).

Fans of the Grammy Awards can breathe easy -- there will be no picketing of the music-minded ceremony.

What else is happening? United Hollywood has a listing of events including one today in New York where the Daily Show writers will debate the Colbert Report writers with a speech by WGA-E president Michael WInship afterwards.


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