'The Dark Knight' inspires hidden garage of real-life 'Wayne Residence'

When a client in the posh Melbourne, Australia, suburb of Toorak wanted to renovate to make room for a car collection without marring the architecture of the stately manor, design firm Molecule knew where to turn for inspiration: Christopher Nolan's 2008 film The Dark Knight.

Using Bruce Wayne's striking subterranean garage as "a totem of the design approach," the studio set to work on "the Wayne Residence," whose beautifully landscaped lawn and well-appointed tennis court conceal the very modern Batcave nestled beneath.

Part of the tennis court raises to reveal a ramp/tunnel to the underground garage -- “It takes a minute to lift the tennis court,” says Molecule's Jarrod Haberfield, “and a minute to close it down” -- which features tile floors, LED-lit parking bays, a mirrored wall and a ceiling of lights. There's also a 12-seat movie theater.

Molecule didn't stop there, however: The firm completely renovated the interior of the 1928 brick house. While definitely swanky, however, the home's new decor doesn't take its cue from Wayne Manor. However, judging from the photos, it wouldn't be surprising to see Alfred Pennyworth enter one of the rooms.

(via Design Taxi)

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