The Dark Knight, Incredible Hulk, Heroes: June 16th Comic Reel Wrap


Hollywood Elsewhere claims to have spoken with a "non-USA exhibition source" that said the running time would be 152 minutes. The first film was 140 minutes.

The "Gotham Tonight" clip and an alternate trailer has been posted on YouTube ...


CBR News has an in depth analysis of the weekend's box office and what's next for tall, green and smashing.


The Hollywood Reporter confirmed the story from CHUD that veteran screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan has been hired Warner Bros.' adaptation of the anime classic. Additionally, Akiva Goldsman and Chuck Roven are boarding the project as producers, joining Tobey Maguire and Drew Crevello.


Looking at the spoilers page at Herosite, "Greatest American Hero" star William Katt will guest star in a September episode of the NBC series.


Sci Fi Wire has quotes from actor Matt Keeslar, who plays the title role on the ABC Family series. "It is very comic-booky," Keeslar said of the show. "I'll just give you a couple of examples. We have a Peruvian flying pike that, when it injects its venom into a victim, the victim turns into a trout-craving zombie. We have several different aliens from different planets. From one planet they happen to look like people on Earth who have had a lot of plastic surgery. From another planet they're a boy band. From another planet they embody a 14-year-old. And then there are, of course, other more fantasy-type characters, like an ancient terra cotta warrior who comes back to life to find and bring the heir to the Xing Dynasty to the underworld." Ooh.


IGN spoke to Marvel movie mogul Kevin Feige. "Our instincts are definitely leading us towards some specific directions for it. It will be a challenge. But I think what we've done in the past, and particularly my experience on the X-Men films where we balanced, you know, 'X-Men 2' had half a dozen villains and more than a half a dozen heroes. And 'Avengers' won't have that many characters in it," Feige said. "More importantly, it'll be how does each character get their due. And frankly I think the joy of the 'Avengers' in addition to the splash-page, blow-out action scenes with all of them in the frame together, what I'm actually more excited about is the scene interactions between them because you don't find two more different people than Tony Stark and Steve Rogers as everybody knows who reads the comics."


Yahoo! Movies has a first look at the Scarlett Johansson-centric poster for the Will Eisner adaptation.


The Hollywood Reporter also noted that "Tropic Thunder" star Robert Downey, Jr. is in talks to headline the Dreamworks/Universal film from Platinum Studios. Producers include Brian Grazer and Ron Howard from Imagine Entertainment, Platinum Studios chairman and CEO Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, Steven Spielberg, Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci, Ervin Rustemagic and Rich Marincic.


Why is the director surprised by a trailer being released? Lexi Alexander wrote on her blog about it. "Wow, I was psyched and surprised to see the trailer, I had no clue it was coming out so early. I'm also blown away that there is such a huge reaction to it. The good, the bad, I love it all. I've been getting emails from all over the world and heard from friends I've known in the Karate and Kickboxing circuit whom I haven't spoken to in years. I'm starting to realize how huge The Punisher fan base is. I'm not sure what kind of impression I would get from this trailer if I didn't actually know the film. I am utterly impressed, though, they managed to find that much PG rated action footage at all. It had to be a challenge to cut a trailer from our action stuff without showing any gore and blood. I've been told that you can't even show heads blowing up in red-band trailers. I hope that's not true because that would suck. It's weird to see Castle shoot all those bullets and not see the thugs who are catching them. That's the best f**king part about it!!!"


Speaking of lots of shooting, both Film 1 and Entertainment Weekly both have new clips from the Mark Millar movie. Thanks to Antonio Rivera for pointing that out.


You can find some aborted pre-visualization artwork in the slide show at NVizage.com.


What dispute? Marvel's Kevin Feige talked to IGN, debunking some rumors. "The only thing I'll say is that not everything you read on the Internet is true, for sure," Feige said ... to this internet site. "Everybody knows that. In this particular case, the notion that... Let's put it this way, here's all I'll say. Negotiations are actively ongoing, as they have been, and as they'll continue to be, I hope for not much longer and we'll get it all figured out. But the people behind the scenes at Marvel Studios I hope, I think, I hope should earn the trust of the fans from this summer. I mean these are the same people that made the decisions to make the films that are now in theaters that I think people like and enjoy, and those are the same people that are still making the decisions here. So if you've agreed with and enjoy the decisions they've made in the past you're probably going to agree with the decisions they make in the future and all of the efforts are being put together now to ensure that we can go into our next film with all of the exact same pieces in place that led to the success of the first one."

What about Favreau's concerns about a 2010 release date? "That time period gives us about the same amount of time that we had on the first one. And frankly we spent so much time, we know who the cast is now, we know who the actors are, we know who the characters are, we know what the basic design of the suits and the world is. That was all stuff that we had to figure out from scratch on the first one. All that R&D is done. That gives you a huge advantage going forward. But I'm actually very confident, and anything's possible, but I'm very confident in those timetables simply because we've done it before. We had this exact amount of time going from 'Spidey 1' to 'Spidey 2,' and I believe 'Spider-Man 2' is one of the best sequels we've ever made. And that's certainly what we're setting out to accomplish with the next 'Iron Man' film."


It ain't over -- Deadline Hollywood Daily reports that all three SAG divisions reach consensus on their negotiating stance when dealing with the AMPTP.


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