The Dark Knight Gets 10th Anniversary Limited IMAX Re-Release

The greatest comic book movie of all time is coming back to theaters -- for one week only.

Variety has exclusively learned that, in order to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of Christopher Nolan's Batman epic The Dark Knight, the film will be getting a limited re-release in select IMAX theaters. The film is set to once again hit the big screen on Friday, August 24, for a limited one-week engagement.

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The re-release will take place in four North American IMAX theaters: Los Angeles' AMC Universal Citywalk, San Francisco's AMC Metreon, New York's AMC Lincoln Square and Toronto's Ontario Place Cinesphere. Tickets are set to go on sale this Friday, July 20, and it's a safe bet that, given the enduring popularity of the film, they will sell like hot cakes.

The release of The Dark Knight was particularly noteworthy at the time, given that it was the first major release partially shot with IMAX cameras, a practice that would become more popular with such franchises as the Transformers films and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. A return to IMAX theaters is therefore a celebration of its contribution to cinematic history.

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The Dark Knight was first released 10 years ago today, July 18, 2008. The movie broke box-office records, earned Heath Ledger a posthumous Academy Award, and redefined comic book movies for an entire generation.

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