The Dark Knight, Heroes, Spider-Man 3, Smallville: April 20th Comic Reel Wrap


Superhero Hype has what's possibly the first look of actor Heath Ledger as the Joker. A group of set photos show the actor on set -- thank heaven for telephoto lenses, eh?

Meanwhile, Batman-On-Film notes that Michael Stoyanov, William Smiley, and Matthew O'Neil are playing members of The Joker's gang and that "Prison Break" alum William Fichtner will be playing a bank manager, plus they have some spoiler info on the Joker's look.


CBR's own Remy Minnick has an interview with actor James Kyson Lee.


The Moviebox has the seventh TV spot for the Marvel-minded sequel, while Superhero Hype has a quote from director Sam Raimi saying that he's interested in doing a fourth film. "Absolutely," Raimi said about doing another sequel. "Yes, I just don't know what the future holds right now because it's so fresh and just having finished this film like a week ago. It's taken so many years to put together. My mind is an empty blank right now."

Cinematical is currently accepting fan questions for actors Tobey Maguire and Topher Grace, and fans might want to check out the interview Grace did with Latino Review, so they don't cover ground that he's already seen.


Kryptonsite has a bunch of new information, including screen captures of the trailer for next week's episode, "Nemesis," a press release about the interactive game "Justice and Doom," which is based on the show, the official network description for the May 10th episode "Prototype" and an interview with actor Michael Rosenbaum, looking ahead to his eventual departure from the series.

Meanwhile, actress Erica Durance is the subject of a video interview with questions from fans. The websites for the Smallville Ledger and the Smallville High Torch have been updated.


Brazilian site Omelete has what looks like a first look at the new animated series based on Marvel's merry mutants.


Writer/director David Goyer updated Superhero Hype with developments on the Vertigo property. "I just was exchanging Emails with Brian Vaughn yesterday and saw his episode of 'Lost' last night," Goyer said. "We're still pushing on that, we want to make it. The screenplay has a very unique voice that is obviously similar to the comic book, and I love that voice, but it's been harder to get traction in Hollywood with it. I really want to make the movie and make it with the voice that Brian has imbued his comic books with. I don't want to bastardize it in anyway."


Animation director Brandon Vietti posted on his blog that he's leaving "The Batman" to work on the 31st century adventures.


Speaking of Gotham City, producer Jeff Matsuda has an interesting post on his blog talking about what goes into animating a series.

Also, World's Finest reports that "the two scribes behind this season's two-part season finale of The Batman, called 'The Joining,' are Jane Espenson and Doug Petrie (of 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' fame)."


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