The Dark Knight, Heroes, Hellboy 2: July 3rd Comic Reel


Five minutes of the new film? Get it while you can ...

According to comic book movie, actor Christian Bale told WENN, "If Robin crops up in one of the new 'Batman' films," Bale said, "I'll be chaining myself up somewhere and refusing to go to work."

CBR News talked to producers Charles Roven and Emma Thomas.

More Bat goodness got mailed out, and Comic Book Resources has a special report.


CBR News has another summer spectacular from our Behind the Eclipse series.


How far has Liz Sherman come? Actress Selma Blair told Sci Fi Wire, "In the first one, she was definitely a little, you know, she had some hangups, she had some baggage. Mostly under her eyes, apparently, looking back at that. But she was sad, you know? She was really sad. ... Her powers led to a lot of destruction. This one, she matured, and she could use her power, and she was with 'Hellboy,' and she was really a capable, functioning woman. Now still a little bit brooding, but definitely, definitely she was stronger. And it was strange to play it. I thought I knew Liz, and I thought, 'Oh, this'll just be a cakewalk. I'll just go back, and I know Liz already.' But it was strange playing her with a little more confidence. I kept wanting to go back to the hesitant Liz that I knew."

What happened at the fan-centric screening with cast and crew? You'll have to check Shock Till You Drop to find out.


TV Guide has huge yet familiar spoilers about co-stars for Clark this season. Thanks to Rich Sands for the heads up on that one.


According to the Hollywood Reporter, Dark Horse Entertainment, David Fincher and animation house Blur Studios are teaming up to bring the cult comic to the big screen as a CG-animated film. No studio is yet attached, and deals are being negotiated. Dark Horse, which has a first-look deal with Universal, is aiming to develop the project in-house before setting it up.


Producer Chuck Roven told IF Magazine that labor struggles have slowed down the production. "David Dobkin is still directing, though I can't even begin to talk about it, because we're not even writing it yet," Roven said. "The writer's strike and possible actor's strike has definitely slowed down the development process. We're hopeful of course it's still going to happen."


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