The Dark Knight, Ghost Rider, TMNT, Heroes: January 26th Comic Reel Wrap


According to the Wall Street Journal (subscription required) actress Katie Holmes will not be back for the Christian Bale-fueled sequel. "We never got to the negotiating stage" for the film, said Julie Polkes, Holmes' representative. "Katie was offered ["Dark Knight"] but was unable to accept the role because of scheduling conflicts. She was in the process of negotiating for another project." Instead, Variety reports Holmes will star in "Mad Money" with Queen Latifah which starts shooting in a couple of months with a budget of only $12 million. Seriously.

Meanwhile, Latino Review virtually guarantees that we will see Harvey Dent in this film, and they have some notes on other peripheral roles that are being cast.


Director Mark Steven Johnson left a posting on the Superhero Hype message boards saying, "I have officially finished Ghost Rider! That's right -- the movie is done and DONE! And it looks and sounds absolutely beautiful. I can't wait for all of you to see it!"


Right here at CBR we've got an expanded set visit with images explained and an update on how far along the film is.


Also here at CBR we've got a series of video previews for the January 29th episode, "The Fix."


Actor Phil Morris was interviewed by TV Guide about playing J'onn Jonzz on the hit CW series, and he was okay not being in "Justice." "All those characters in the 'Justice' episode are very young, and they'd been on the show before, so the audience already knows them," Morris said. "They don't know me yet, so I think it was smart of the show to keep J'onn separate. I'm a more mature presence, which will help ground the show. It's ironic that J'onn is a Martian, because he's the most humane and compassionate man of all the DC characters -- at least to me."

Morris was also interviewed by Meevee, where he said, "I come into Clark KentÕs world to reveal myself to him and tell him why IÕm there. Why IÕm there is really deep; you have to really watch the show. But just to let you know, IÕve been there his whole life, unbeknownst to him. I canÕt reveal too much, but I essentially help Superman/Kal-El capture these fugitives and put them back in the Phantom Zone."

Finally, Kryptonsite has screen captures from the trailer for next week's episode, "Crimson."


This Russian site has new photos from the Neil Gaiman adaptation.


A note on the Toon Zone message boards notes that the new series has started production and that Greg Weisman has been named supervising producer.


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