The Dark Knight, Ghost Rider, The Man of Steel, Smallville: November 17th Comic Reel Wrap


The sequel to "Batman Begins" will hit screens July 18th, 2008, according to Superhero Flix, which also includes a brief summary of the plot.


We've got screen grabs from that new international trailer right here at CBR.


IESB has a video interview with actor Brandon Routh, adding more chatter about Braniac showing up as the villain for the sequel. They also have a number of photos from the launch of the DVD and video game.

Routh also chatted with E! Online (courtesy of Yahoo!) and noted how far off the sequel would be. "I'm certainly excited to do another one," Routh said. "I don't think we'll start for awhile since we have a 2009 release, but I'm excited about the potential.Ó


For once and for all, producer Al Gough tells TV Guide that the show will remain Bat-free. "Yeah, I know, I saw the rumor as well," Gough said of the rumor of a young Bruce Wayne appearing. "It's not happening."

TV Guide also has the official description for the new episode "Subterranean."


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