The Dark Knight, Cyclops, Spectacular Spider-Man: March 18th Comic Reel Wrap


The sequel's stars and creators are all very reverential to actor Heath Ledger, which is apparent in coverage at MTV (with video) ...

... or in quotes from Comic Book Movie, and in this clip on YouTube ...

Meanwhile, Collider is reporting that things aren't all smiles on the campaign trail for Harvey Dent, as a Phoenix-area fan gets frustrated chasing down Dentmobiles.

Finally, actor Christian Bale told Entertainment Weekly that he was up for a third time in the cowl. "Obviously the decision is out of my hands," Bale said. "I would, knowing the Dark Knight story, I would like very much to complete a trilogy. And I think that knowing the story of The Dark Knight, it leaves you anticipating something that really can get very, very interesting for a third. Now, the question would be: Is Chris [Nolan] going to be doing it? Because to me I find it tricky to imagine working on it without it being a collaboration with Chris."


Don't worry, Slim Summers doesn't have a spin off yet. No, this time Variety is reporting that Warner Bros. has acquired film rights to the Alexis Nolent graphic novel and will develop it as a feature vehicle for director James Mangold. Cathy Konrad will produce with Alexandra Milchan. Said Konrad: "This is something that Warner Bros. wants to move very quickly on. We already have a shortlist of screenwriters and will be out to people in the next week."


Comics2Film has the inside scoop on this weekend's new episode, including this network synopis: "While Peter Parker resists taking on the responsibility of helping Aunt May pay the bills, Montna -- the Big Man's Enforcer -- becomes the stunning Shocker to fulfill his responsibility: eliminating the Spectacular Spider-Man. Renowned voice actor Jeff Bennett fulfills the electrifying role of Shocker. 'Market Forces' is written by Andrew Robinson and directed by Dan Fausett."


In other cartoon-related news, USA Today has a new article looking at the three new series that will premiere on the Nicktoons Network.


There's an interesting piece at The Bad and Ugly that claims Tim Kring's masterworks rely a little too heavily on a little show called "Misfits of Science." Somewhere, Kevin Church feels vindicated.


Obsessed With Film has more rumors swirling around the big screen team up, including a "code title" ("7 Friends") and the ongoing question of Australia versus Canada.


The official website for the spoof comedy has been launched.


Collider also spoke with film maker Mark Neveldine who revealed that he's feeling nostalgic for the wild west. "We're going to be doing a thing at Comic-Con this summer for a lot of movies ... one is a movie that we wrote called 'Jonah Hex,'" Neveldine told Collider in a video interview. "It's a DC Comic called 'Jonah Hex.' It's gonna be the movie we're directing after 'Crank.'"


A new poster will be shown at New York Comic-Con.


Actress Allison Mack will appear at the Superman Celebration this June in Metropolis, IL.


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