The Dabel Bros And R.A Salvatore Join Forces

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Salvatore and DB Pro collaborate to bring forth THE HIGHWAYMAN,a tale set in the world of his epic DEMON WARS saga.

The Dabel Brothers are the first to admit that they've set the bar prettyhigh for fantasy-based comics with their bestselling andcritically-acclaimed titles like Raymond E. Feist's MAGICIAN, RobertJordan's THE WHEEL OF TIME: NEW SPRING, and George R. R. Martin's THE HEDGEKNIGHT.

But that bar is about to be raised even higher with their upcomingadaptation of New York Times Bestselling Author R.A. Salvatore's THEHIGHWAYMAN, a novel that is set in the prehistory of his beloved DEMON WARSsaga.

"When I started reading THE HIGHWAYMAN, I knew almost immediately that wehad to make it the focus of our next big fantasy project," said Ernst Dabel,President of Dabel Brothers Production ("DB Pro"). "There was somethingabout it that was very fresh and new, and it gave me the same irresistiblefeeling I had the first time I picked up one of Mr. Salvatore's DrizztDo'Urden books. The story begins like a Robin Hood folktale, but it evolvesinto something very deep and meaningful by the end, with a very big, verygroundbreaking feel."

"Since we had already been talking to Mr. Salvatore about adapting booksfrom his original series like DEMON WARS, we immediately worked out a dealto adapt THE HIGHWAYMAN as a sort of introduction," Dabel continued. "And Ithink the fans are going to love it."

But while Salvatore fans have already been treated to other adaptationsbased upon his writing, they'll have yet another reason to love THEHIGHWAYMAN, explained Dabel: Mr. Salvatore will be actively involved in theproject.

"One of our core philosophies at DB Pro is that we involve our authors inevery step of the process," said Dabel. "Mr. Salvatore will have theopportunity to see every page and piece of conceptual art as it's turned inand offer his direction. He will also be working closely with our scriptadapter, Matthew Hansen, and the book's editor, Sean J. Jordan, to ensurethat the story is told in a manner that stays true to his vision of theoriginal. This means that readers won't just get a great book based on thewriting of R.A. Salvatore; they'll get an official visual version of anoriginal R.A. Salvatore creation!"

The Dabel Brothers are so adamant that this title be done right, in fact,that no small amount of pressure is put on script adapter Matthew Hansen,who has been charged with the task of taking a very complex book andadapting it into a comic book miniseries.

"When I first read the book, knowing that I'd be adapting it, I was bothexcited and a little overwhelmed," Hansen explained. "Mr. Salvatore is sucha great writer and it's an honor to be working with his material. The bookitself is an incredible prequel, a really well-developed plot. It's alwaysinteresting condensing a novel to a comic, but I'm mindful of thosechallenges. Plus, I'm working with a great team, I have some great sourcematerial and an incredible author as a consultant!"

THE HIGHWAYMAN will be available in comic book stores everywhere this fall.It will be produced and published by Dabel Brothers Production, distributedthrough Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc and Diamond Book Distributors, Inc.,and available at comic book retailers and bookstores everywhere.

For more information about THE HIGHWAYMAN, DB Pro, or other Dabel Brothersprojects, please visit the official website at http://www.dabelbrothers.com.

About Dabel Brothers Production

Dabel Brothers Production ("DB Pro") is a comic book studio dedicated tobringing many of the best and most popular novels in the realms of fantasyand science fiction to the comic book medium. With a passion forauthenticity and a firm respect for the original text, the Dabel Brotherswork hard to ensure that their adaptations build upon and enhance the worldsof popular works in a manner that longtime fans and new readers alike canenjoy.

To date, Dabel Brothers Production is best known for its criticallyacclaimed adaptation of bestselling author George R. R. Martin's THE HEDGEKNIGHT and THE SWORN SWORD, as well as adaptations of other fantasy/sci-fistories like Orson Scott Card's RED PROPHET and WYRMS, Raymond E. Feist'sMAGICIAN and THE WOOD BOY, Richard A. Knaak's DRAGONLANCE: THE LEGEND OFHUMA, Robert Silverberg's THE SEVENTH SHRINE and Tad Williams's THE BURNINGMAN. DB Pro is also producing and publishing an adaptation of RobertJordan's WHEEL OF TIME: NEW SPRING, the prequel to the epic novel series.

Other Dabel Brothers Production titles include:


Dabel Brothers Production's books and comics are distributed exclusivelyworldwide to the bookstore, library, warehouse, mass merchandise, specialtymass merchandise, and comic book specialty markets by Diamond ComicDistributors, Inc. and Diamond Book Distributors.

More information about Dabel Brothers Production and its products can befound at their official site.

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