Pandora: The CW Debuts First Key Art For New Sci-Fi Series


Judging from its broad list of popular programs, it's fair to say that The CW is no stranger to fantasy shows of all kinds. This includes Pandora, the upcoming sci-fi series that will soon join the lineup.

Few details have been released since the show's announcement, but potential audiences have now been given a first look at what the show will look like. The CW unveiled the first bit of artwork for Pandora: a poster featuring a haunted-looking Jax, half-obscured by a screen littered with numbers. The tagline reads, "where does she come from?"



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The series is set in the year 2199 and will focus on a young woman named Jax, who trains at Earth's Space Training Academy to defend the galaxy from human and alien threats. While doing so, she will uncover the truth of her identity, which will turn her into either Earth's savior or the harbinger of its destruction.

Accompanying Jax will be several other key characters. There's Xander Duvall, an undercover operative who's in love with Jax; Atria Nine, an emancipated clone created by the Adari Sect; Greg Li, a gifted medical student; Ralen, the son of an alien ambassador; Delaney Pilar, Jax's cybernetically-enhanced roommate; Thomas James Ross, an aspiring pilot and son of a genetically engineered telepath; and finally, Professor Donovan Osborn, Jax's uncle, who is another undercover operative, as well as the Academy's most intimidating teacher.

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The CW's Pandora is set to premiere on July 16. The show stars Priscilla Quintana as Jax, Oliver Dench as Xander Duvall, Raechelle Banno as Atria Nine, John Harlan Kim as Greg Li, Ben Radcliffe as Ralen, Banita Sandhu as Delaney Pilar, Martin Bobb-Semple as Thomas James Ross and Noah Huntley as Professor Donovan Osborn.

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