'The Crow' Reboot Finds a Director, Set to Begin Production in March

Relativity's reboot of "The Crow" is reportedly moving forward with Corin Hardy ("The Hallow") attached to direct -- making the film their first project post-bankruptcy. Hardy's name has been associated with the project since September, but no deal had been reached until now.

An insider has told TheWrap that Relativity's agreement with Hardy means the project will go into production in March 2016 -- though no star has been picked to play title character Eric Draven/The Crow as of yet.

The report also notes that under a filing from producer Edward R. Pressman, Relativity has already invested over $7 million in the project -- along with $2.5 million to secure potential sequel, prequel and remake rights. The pressure was on to get the film rolling, as Relativity had only three years to begin principal photography on "The Crow", at risk of losing the rights to produce the reboot.

Based on the indie comic of the same name by James O'Barr, "The Crow" was adapted as a feature film in 1994 with action star Brandon Lee. In addition to the original film, there were a number of direct-to-video sequels and a short-lived TV series in the '90s.

Relativity's reboot of "The Crow" doesn't have a release date.



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