The Cosmic Guard Returns In Jim Starlin's "Kid Kosmos"

Official Press Release

Dynamite and legendary creator Jim Starlin present the return of the Cosmic Guard in the "Kid Kosmos" original graphic novel.

"Kid Kosmos"is a direct continuation of the "Cosmic Guard" mini-series and features 144 pages of original story and art in Dynamite' first-ever original graphic novel!

Starlin is a master of all things time and space and he excels in his most powerful vision yet - Kid Kosmos! As Starlin prepares to return to the Cosmic End of the DC Universe ("Mystery in Space" series), this original graphic novel is the perfect companion as it unleashes a raw and dynamic story from the master, Jim Starlin!

This collection also featues a sketch book by Jim Starlin, featuring early character designs and cover layouts!

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