The Coolest Catch-Up Yet!

As you folks know, I often fall behind on Snark Free Waters, so I catch up with a ton of posts at once, usually in the form of an artist identification game. This time, though, I decided to mix things up a bit! First off, here are the answers to the last artist identification game (involving Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Magazine). Secondly, are you read for - SEPTEMBER SPLASH!!!?!?

For September Splash!, I collected thirty awesome Marvel Comic full page splash pages - one for each day in September! I then posted them all at Snark Free Waters for your viewing pleasure! Every fifth one involves a full page splash that I would specifically consider a "classic" splash.

Check them out!

When you see the image, you can click on it to enlarge the splash page.

Day One - Spider-Man Splash

Day Two - Captain America Splash

Day Three - Fantastic Four Splash

Day Four - Spider-Man Splash

Day Five - Avengers Splash

Day Six - Fantastic Four Splash

Day Seven - Spider-Man Splash

Day Eight - Captain America Splash

Day Nine - Spider-Man Splash

Day Ten - Fantastic Four Splash

Day Eleven - Avengers Splash

Day Twelve - Spider-Man Splash

Day Thirteen - Fantastic Four Splash

Day Fourteen - Avengers Splash

Day Fifteen - Spider-Man Splash

Day Sixteen - Avengers Splash

Day Seventeen - Spider-Man Splash

Day Eighteen - Fantastic Four Splash

Day Nineteen - Avengers Splash

Day Twenty - Captain America Splash

Day Twenty-One - Spider-Man Splash

Day Twenty-Two - Fantastic Four SplashDay Twenty-Three- Iron Man Splash

Day Twenty-Four - Avengers Splash

Day Twenty-Five - Spider-Man SplashDay Twenty-Six - Avengers Splash

Day Twenty-Seven - Fantastic Four Splash

Day Twenty-Eight - Avengers Splash

Day Twenty-Nine - Fantastic Four Splash

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