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Alvin Ecarma's new DVD release, Lethal Force (which has finally been released, after being in distribution limbo for years), contains a short film on it starring Mike Baron's Badger.

If you are unfamiliar with the Badger, it was a black comedy parody of superheroes, as the Badger was one of a number of personalities of Norbert Sykes, a Vietnam war veteran, with multiple personality disorder.

The Badger tended to spoof the violence of superhero comics by attempting to place it in a more realistic context, and thereby showing how absurd some of the violent actions of superhero comics were. Ecarma's short film reflects on that very topic, and I think it does the job well.

The film, titled "The Conversation," is six minute long. It features a street musician being assaulted by a street tough, before the Badger gets involved and saves him, by hitting the street tough.

The musician takes issue with this, as he believes that violence doesn't solve things. So he and Badger have a (you guessed it!) conversation about violence. It's quite trippy, seeing this long-haired hippy type sitting down conversing with a guy in a superhero costume about the proper use of violence.

It's all punctuated by an ending where the hippy's beliefs are tested.

It was all handled quite well, I thought, and Badger's costume didn't even look that dorky (it looked pretty dorky, but not THAT dorky).

You can get the short film on the DVD release of Lethal Force.

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