The "Con Man" Show-Within-A-Show is Now a Comic Book

Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion's crowdfunded web series centers around a fictional science-fiction TV series titled "Spectrum," which starred both Tudyk and Fillion's characters. Now that show-within-a-show is becoming a comic book, and debuting in 2016's Free Comic Book Day.

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The four-issue "Spectrum" miniseries will be published by the LA-based Automatic Publishing and co-written by Tudyk -- the creator of "Con Man" -- and sci-fi author PJ Haarsma, a producer of the web series. Sarah Stone will illustrate the series, and comics veteran Shannon Eric Denton is on board as editor.

"In the world of 'Con Man,' 'Spectrum' has given my character Wray Nerely a huge fan following," Tudyk said in a statement. "A comic book is the best way to tell the story that ignited that fandom. It's the serious sci-fi story, inside the comedic story, told inside a comic book that is sold inside comic book stores. Every good 'Con Man' needs a comic."

Here's the official description of the "Spectrum" comics series: "A vicious attack from an alien invading force devastates the globe, but the prophetic dreams of Captain James Raaker warn that the suffering has just started. Humanity's last hope is escape in an untested spaceship built by a madman."

Tudyk talked with CBR TV about "Con Man" at this past New York Comic Con:

The "Spectrum" debut issue will be available for free at participating retailers on the next Free Comic Book Day, which takes place May 7, 2016.

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