"The Complete Invincible Library" Vol. 1 Delayed

Official Press Release

Image Comics regrets to inform retailers that due to a binding error, Image Comics is re-printing the entire run of THE COMPLETE INVINCIBLE LIBRARY Volume 1. The corrected printing will ship on Jan 17, 2007, with all current orders being adjustable with a cutoff date of Dec 20, 2006.

"When we decided to put this collection together, we envisioned a beautiful book that perfectly captures the spirit of INVINCIBLE," said Image Executive Director Eric Stephenson. "When we opened the package from the printer, everyone was extremely pleased. Once we began thumbing through the book, though, it was clear the binding was sub-par."

"There is significant damage that occurred during the binding process. Many of the pages towards the beginning and end of the book are ripping out of the spine. On the signed edition, the tipped-in signature sheet has been inserted incorrectly. Simply: the binding of the book is totally unacceptable."

"Out of the 12 sample copies I got – two of them were okay," added creator and writer Robert Kirkman. "The pages held together and there wasn't any damage that was noticeable – but those other 10 copies... They were just horrible. I was devastated.

"I couldn't with good conscience allow those to reach our fans. As much as I hated the idea of these books missing the holiday selling period and what that would do to retailers, there just wasn't another option."

Stephenson concluded, "Given the unsavory choice between releasing a poor book on time and delaying the release of a perfect book, the best solution is clearly the latter. We will not ask our fans and retailers to accept faulty work. We apologize to our retailers and fans for this situation, but want everyone to know that we are taking every step we can to make sure that the corrected version of this book reaches them as quickly as possible. We can assure you that the book will be worth the wait."

For more information, contact: Mark Haven Britt (510.644.4980 x16; markbritt@imagecomics.com)

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