The Comic Bug Price Checks Amazon

Official Press Release

While online retailer AMAZON.COM has built a reputation on low prices and convenient online shopping, one local business is announcing a month-long promotion to match the internet giant's massive discounts and remind people of the benefits of shopping local.

"I got the idea when Amazon introduced their PriceCheck app that encourages shoppers to go to brick and mortar stores and scan bar codes and prices of items so they can then beat those prices. Seems kinda 'low' if you ask me," said The Comic Bug store co-owner Mike Wellman. "I know that some customers do the in-store research on trade paperbacks they're considering purchasing, but then purchase the books from websites like Amazon because they can get up to 50% off the cover price sometimes. In this tough economy, I don't blame them! The lower price may allow them to stay within their budget and continue to read and enjoy our hobby."

So, The Comic Bug is kicking off an experiment in January in hopes of keeping those dollars in the cash register rather than flowing to the corporate giant. "That's the beauty and the power that an independent shop has over faceless entities like Amazon or even corporate chains like Barnes & Noble. We can respond to pricing trends AND offer the complete shopping experience!" said Wellman. "If Amazon wants to sell a $20.00 graphic novel for $9.99, fine! We can play that game. But we're not gonna charge you shipping or make you pay for a "Prime" membership. You get to walk out of the store with the book in hand, and enjoy instant gratification!"

One thing The Comic Bug WILL be charging, though, is sales tax. "It's ridiculous and un-American if you ask me," said co-owner Jun Goeku regarding Amazon's refusal to collect sales tax. "Sales tax goes back into the community and helps pay for everything from school teachers to paving the roads. How can a business threaten to leave the state when asked to do what every other business does every day? Amazon might have great prices, but at some point you have to ask yourself 'at what cost?"

The promotion is intended to highlight the advantages of buying in-store over online, including the direct financial benefit to the local community, the ability to instantly physically review an item you're considering purchasing and of course, the expertise and recommendations of a real, live, knowledgeable human staff.

"We might lose our shirt on a few items we sell this month," stated Goeku. "But it's worth it to remind people what it's like to purchase a graphic novel in-store rather than from a website."

"Not to mention that it's our duty as super-heroes to fight tyranny wherever it rears its ugly head," added Wellman.

The Comic Bug is located at 1807 Manhattan Beach Blvd. Manhattan Beach, CA 90266. For more information, visit www.TheComicBug.com or call (310) 372-6704

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