The Comic Book Fools of April - Pagus!

Every day in April I will be featuring a humorous comic (either an issue or a series of strips) that I found particularly amusing. Feel free to e-mail me at bcronin@comicbookresources.com the comic stories that are your favorites when it comes to hilarity, and I'll see if I can't feature some of them this month, as well!

Today we look at Michael Kupperman's Tales Designed to Thrizzle #1. The problem was picking the funniest bit from this great issue, which had a number of awesome one-page jokes. I've decided on Pagus.

NOTE: The following comic contain blasphemy! Be forewarned! It also contain hilarity! Be forewarned!


My second-favorite bit from issue #1 is probably Mickey Rourke's pubic hair stencils (this joke was funnier when it came out, since Mickey Rourke was less famous at the time)....

What's YOUR favorite bit from Tales Designed to Thrizzle #1? The "Comics Are Serious Literature" fight?

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