The Comic Book Fools of April Master List

A while back, I did a month-long spotlight on some of the funniest comic books around. It was dubbed "The Comic Book Fools of April." Here is a collection of those spotlights...

1. Achewood's Williams-Sonoma Erotica

2. Tales Designed to Thrizzle's Pagus (Jesus' evil twin)

3. Deadpool fights vampires!

4. Afrodisiac fights Hercules!

5. Impulse's first day of school

6. Keith Giffen's PunX

7. Deadpool time travels into an old issue of Amazing Spider-Man

8. The Heckler

9. The Adventures of the Rifle Brigade

10. Kafka, Charlie Brown-Style

11. The Avengers as M.O.D.O.C.s

12. Kill All Parents!

13. The Justice League Goes to French Class


14. Aunt May, Herald of Galactus

15. Tales Designed to Thrizzle's Pornographic Coloring Books

16. Unsung Beetle Bailey Goodness!

17. Cassidy: Blood and Whisky

18. Who Fights Ninjas, Drugs, Nepotism and Pre-Algebra?

19. Literature: Unsuccessfully Competing Against TV Since 1953

20. Justice League…Antarctica?!?!

21. Octopus Pie!

22. Superman, Ambush Bug and the Legion of Substitute Heroes

23. The Legion of Substitute Heroes Special #1

24. Unsung Blondie Goodness!

25. Sock Monkey Volume 3!

26. Sergio Aragones Destroys DC!

27. Kyle Baker’s You Are Here

28. Franklin Richards, Son of a Genius

29. Milk and Cheese #666


30. Guy Gardner on Ice!

Goddess Mode #1

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