The Comic Book Fools of April - Deadpool vs. Vampires!

Every day in April I will be featuring a humorous comic (either an issue or a series of strips) that I found particularly amusing. Feel free to e-mail me at bcronin@comicbookresources.com the comic stories that are your favorites when it comes to hilarity, and I'll see if I can't feature some of them this month, as well!

Today we look at a recent two-part Deadpool "tie-in" to the X-Men versus Vampires storyline, Curse of the Mutants, written by Daniel Way with artwork by Bong Dazo and Jose Pimentel.

In the X-Men storyline, Curse of the Mutants, one sect of vampires is using an amulet that allows them to walk around during the day. They are then trying to wipe out every other sect of vampires in the world. One "noble" sect goes to Deadpool for help...

I just love the "every vampire is Dracula" bit Way came up with. He uses it well throughout the two-parter.

I especially loved when Deadpool wears the head of the sect down to the point where he even goes with the "Draculas" riff...

As you might imagine, negotiating with someone like Deadpool has its...downsides...

Eventually, though, they convince him that they are trying to do some good with this hospital. They use the blood banks for their purposes and in return, they help lots and lots of people (plus a small administrative fee, of course).

So when a doctor is about to be killed by a group of Draculas, Deadpool is there to help her...

The twisted "romance" between Deadpool and the doctor frames most of the next issue, as they fight off the Dracula invasion.

This was a very impressive two-part humor story by Way. Good art by Dazo and Pimentel, as well.

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