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Today we look at a great character who may be making a comeback soon!

Xombi was one of the many great books that Milestone put out, but it might very well have been the closest the company came to a truly unique title, a result of giving John Rozum room to move.

The concept of the book is that brilliant scientist David Kim is working on a nanotechnological virus that could assist in tissue regeneration. Well, a villain breaks in trying to steal it and mortally wounds David in the process. His assistant figures that the only way to save David is to inject him with the virus. And it DOES save David by turning him into a techno-zombie and at the same time, the nannites partially "eat" said assistant to give David the matter he needs to get back to "living."

Here's where it gets tricky. Yes, he's a zombie only through scientific means, but as David finds out, being a zombie through science really does not matter much - you're still a zombie, and suddenly he's now a freak AND tied into a world that he never knew existed.

Basically, Rozum just went absolutely NUTS with some trippy ideas in this series, and artist JJ Birch was there along the way to illustrate everything Rozum asked for - even a super-powered teen girl named, of course, Catholic Girl (she prayed for her powers).

Rozum's descriptions of magic (or magick?) were brilliant and the series had a real literate nature to it that was great to see.

Milestone clearly liked it, too, as they got it 21 full issues even while the Milestone line was crumbling around it.

Recently, Dwayne McDuffie showed an alternate universe where David Kim was Green Lantern.

Pretty soon, Xombi is going to make his DC Universe debut (I believe up against the Spectre).

Should be fun (although I'd love to see DC let Rozum return to the character).

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