The Comic Book Alphabet of Cool - I

We continue our tour through the alphabet, with a different cool comic book item each day, from A to Z!

Today we look at one of the greatest comic companies out there, and it's really just part of a larger company! ..

Image Central is one of the three "houses" of Image Comics.

The other two "houses" are Todd McFarlane Productions and Top Cow Productions.

Jim Valentino's Shadowline is considered part of Image Central, as is Erik Larsen's Savage Dragon.

Basically, Image Central is just a term to describe all the books that Image comes out with that aren't from McFarlane or Top Cow.

And Image Central roooooooocks.

Here is an example.

The following books are just titles that have come out with at least one issue this year. Just books that have had an issue out this year. Note that that means that there are TONS of other great books that just happened to have no issues out this year.

So JUST titles that at least one issue out this year.

So that still gives us...

Now, besides being from Image Central, what do these books all have in common?


That's another thing that's so awesome about Image Central, it's one of the few places you can go for truly diverse comic books!

It's a great company.

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