The Comic Book Alphabet of Cool - D

We continue our tour through the alphabet, with a different cool comic book item each day, from A to Z!

Today we look at one of the Top Fifteen Comic Book Villains of All-Time!

Okay, right off the bat, a super-smart scientist (so smart that he has discovered a way to freakin' TRAVEL IN TIME!) that also is an excellent magician and has a long-time grudge against a major superhero is, right there and then, a cool idea for a character.

So right then and there, Doctor Doom would be cool.

However, he goes way beyond that, mostly in the way that his mind works - Doom is a total jerk, no doubt, but he is a jerk who thinks that he is absolutely right, so that whatever he does, he thinks he is doing for the "right" reasons. Other villains obviously think that, too, but the difference is that with Doom ruling the world, most of the world would probably think that things are actually much better than they were before Doom, they just wouldn't get that Doom was achieving all of this "goodness" through evil. Look at Latveria, most of the citizens prefer Doom's rule than before he was in charge, even though Doom basically kills anyone who irritates him.

In addition, Doom is interesting because he has no powers of his own - everything he has gotten in this world he has gotten through a SEEMINGLY supernatural drive for power. The guy took down the BEYONDER, for crying out loud!!

So yeah, Doctor Doom is awesome - he even pulls off the skirt!

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