The Comic Book Alphabet of Cool - C

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Today we look at one of the rare Archie supporting characters with an interesting personality!

Chuck Clayton is one of the rare Archie supporting characters who was actually given a pretty interesting personality, which is certainly a major factor in why he has gotten more and more "screen time" in the time since they developed the idea that Chuck would be into art, specifically cartoon and comic book art.

Already Chuck had a decent background of being the son of the new coach at Riverdale High School. For 1970-whatever, that was pretty inspired background for an Archie supporting cast member, just that he had ANYthing really to distinguish him from the other people out there.

Now that he has the cartoon/comic book interest, Chuck is practically more developed than Archie himself!

He's certainly more developed than long-time cast members such as Moose, Midge and Big Ethel, and likely more so than Reggie Mantle.

A big drawback is that Chuck's love interest, Nancy Woods, as I've written about in the past, is basically a blank slate, characterization-wise. However, that has not kept Chuck from being a good character himself.

Recently, he even starred in a multi-part storyline in Archie and Friends, where he was the cover feature for the issues!!

Chuck is great - they just need to give his girlfriend some personality!

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