The Comic Book Adaptation of the Film Adaptation of Bram Stoker's Dracula

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and his most recent series for Image Comics, Infinite Dark, which I really dig a lot...

Andrea recommends Roy Thomas and Mike Mignola's adaptation of Francis Ford Coppola's Bram Stoker's Dracula!

Yes, this is a fascinating bit where the comic book is adapting a movie, which is, in turn, adapting a novel, but hey, it's Roy Thomas and it is Mike Mignola, so it still works really well!

The Coppola film, which starred Gary Oldman as Dracula, is most famous for its distinctive design for Dracula. The film won the Academy Awards for Costume Design and Makeup, and Mignola takes that twisted look for Dracula and makes it really pop even further on the page, because he can take it to extremes that really aren't possible in real life, but absurdist designs can really sing in comic book form...

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Roy Thomas famously worked on his own comic book adaptation of Dracula with Dick Giordano and he does an excellent job both staying true to the screenplay by James V. Hart while finding places for Mignola to do some of his trademark brilliant artistic flourishes, like the use of negative space in this sequence where Dracula, in effect, makes Mina his bride right as they are interrupted by some people who want to kill him...

Really striking work. This was almost directly before Mignola started working on Hellboy and man, has he ever been anything but outstanding, artistically?

This was just recently put back into print after not being collected for decades. Any Mignola fan will love this collection.

Thanks for the suggestion, Andrea!

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