The clock ticks down to the race for Comic-Con hotel rooms

In a little more than an hour the mad scramble for discounted hotel rooms begins again as Travel Planners opens reservations for Comic-Con International.

That's at 9 a.m. Pacific/noon Eastern. But if you're going to the convention, you're already well aware of that.

This year's process is being handled differently, with reservation hopefuls entering 12 hotel choices, in order of preference (you probably should be using this hour to work out your picks). You'll be required to give additional information, such as occupant names and arrival and departure dates. Once that's completed, your submission will be time stamped and logged in the Travel Planners database.

If all goes well, within three to five hours you'll receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to provide your credit card deposit to secure the reservation. You have to submit a deposit equal to one night's room charge (plus tax) within five business days of receiving the confirmation. Those who don't do so will have their reservations canceled.

You can learn more details here. A PDF file of the hotel list can be found here.

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