The Clock Is Ticking: Will The <i>24</i> Movie Begin Production This Year?

24 went off the air with a somewhat-explosive series finale last May, paving the way for Jack Bauer's eventual transition from the small screen to the big one. But even though plans for a 24 feature film have been casually and seriously mentioned over the past several months and years, we haven't heard anything regarding an official production start. Is this movie really happening, or has Bauer shouted his last "dammit" after all?

Thankfully, Kiefer Sutherland has a keener idea of how the 24 movie is coming along. Speaking with Extra, the actor's enthusiasm for the project seemed just as sharp as ever, as he explained that Bauer's box office debut could get underway as soon as eight months from now.

"The 24 movie, we won't start shooting for about eight months, but it's something we're very excited about," he said. "We'll start shooting, hopefully, by next December or January."

When asked about reported script changes on the 24 film, Sutherland said that he expects script changes to continue all the way up to the production and even beyond: "I think it will up until the day we start shooting and probably from that point forward, too. It's a very difficult thing to take something that you've done for eight years with almost 200 episodes and try to find a story that's unique and yet services the history of the show as well. That's to be expected."

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