The Cemeterians from SLG in May

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Who better to fight monsters than monsters? In The Cemeterians by Gilgrim, SLG's newest comic book series, readers will learn that the answer to that seemingly-rhetorical question is "Nobody." A rag-tag group of monsters and misfits led by a sexy mad scientist, the Cemeterians must keep the world safe from evil-doing baddies. But will they drive each other crazy in the process?

For Gilgrim, The Cemeterians is all about having a good time. "It's basically a big excuse to draw a Halloween-styled world where monsters and other weird creatures can hang out and have fun doing all the weird and wonderful things that the monsters in my heads would actually do in such a place," he said.

The Cemeterians might disagree with their creator's idea of "fun," however. In their adventures in their eponymous comic book, Marla, Jack, Franklin, Thadius and Caitlin spend their time slogging through sewers, poking through graveyards, generally finding themselves in the last place anyone who values their life, limbs, sanity and personal hygiene would want to be. Marla is the slightly crazy brains of the Cemeterians, Franklin the naïve and good-natured abomination of nature that she created, Jack her crotchety dark sorcerer older brother. Rounding out the crew are the siblings' apprentices, Thadius, a quiet, reluctant monster, and Caitlin, a brash Irish lass descended from a banshee.

The Cemeterians will be released bi-monthly, beginning in May 2006. It is available for pre-order now through comic book stores. To see a preview, visit SLG Publishing's website, www.slgpublishing.com.

Established in 1986, SLG Publishing is a San Jose, CA-based publisher of comics books and graphic novels. Operating under its imprints Slave Labor Graphics and Amaze Ink, SLG Publishing has distributed the work of such notable cartoonists as Jhonen Vasquez, Evan Dorkin and Andi Watson.

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