The CBR News Summer Reading List

It's that time of the summer where the days are getting shorter again, the Back to School sales have begun sprouting up in stores and vacationing students start digging out forgotten summer reading lists.

Well, forget that! Here at CBR News, we have our own summer reading list. We asked pros from all levels of the industry to give their top recommending reading choice for CBR readers. There was only one rule: They couldn't be involved in any way, shape or form with the book they recommended.

Here, then, is your first assignment:

"Mike Brennan's 'Electric Girl," Larry Young -- writer of "Astronauts in Trouble" and "The Bod" and publisher of AiT/Planet Lar -- told CBR News on Sunday. "Innocent and entertaining without being cloying, with broad adventure and intimate storytelling, 'Electric Girl' is the perfect comic book. Pathos, humor, instruction, joy; there's something in it for every reader of every age.

"I recommend it because it is good."

"The 'Replacement God' trade paperback, by Zander Cannon," Jamal Igle -- artist of Marvel Comics' "Wolverine/Iron Fist" miniseries -- told CBR News on Sunday. "It's a fun story that's well drawn and well paced and is a real treat for people who only know Zander from his work on ABC comics' 'Top Ten.'"

DC Comics' "'Birds Of Prey,'" Beau Smith -- writer of "Parts Unknown" -- told CBR News on Sunday. "Why, because it is one of the few books out there right now that pretty much has it all."

"Interesting characters that you care about and want to know what they're gonna do from month to month.

"Consistent artwork. Good storytelling and well-paced art. You can cover up the word balloons and still know what's goin' on.

"Script and dialogue at its best. No huge tonnage of words like an over-written X-Men book. The point gets across in a very entertaining way and no fat to cut off.

"'Birds Of Prey' is money well spent."

"Kevin Smith, the genius behind such wonderful independent films as 'Chasing Amy' and 'Clerks,' is writing [DC Comics'] 'Green Arrow,'" Mike Deodato -- artist of Marvel Comics' forthcoming "Witches" ongoing series -- told CBR News on Sunday. "Need I say more? 'Green Arrow' has my highest recommendation!"

"'Whiteout,' by my pals [Greg] Rucka and [Steve] Lieber," Jeff Mariotte -- writer of "Desperadoes" and DC/WildStorm editor -- told CBR News on Sunday. "The first miniseries, handily collected in a TPB -- a self-contained story with a genuine mystery, genuinely interesting characters, that genuinely draws the reader into a compelling and little-known world. Perfect comic storytelling. And when it's 90 degrees outside a short trip to the Ice makes perfect sense."

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