The CBR News Summer Reading List, Day 9

We wind up our CBR News Summer Reading List this summer with three final recommendations. Tomorrow we'll be posting a compiled list for those who have missed our previous entries.

Here are our final recommended works by comic professionals unassociated with the projects they recommend.

"In terms of comics, it's a three-way tie between 'Planetary,' 'New X-Men' and 'Green Arrow,'" "Ultimate X-Men" writer Mark Millar told CBR News last week. "The simple reason being that they're the three best-written and best-drawn comics on the market.

"What's sitting on my bed-side cabinet? Well, besides the tissues, the chloroform and the strap-on, I've got Alan Clarke's 'Diaries 1983-1990' (which I'm re-reading), the 'Supertoys' anthology by Brian Aldiss (which I'm also re-reading) and 'Posh and Becks' (which my wife is reading and which I like to flick through occasionally).

"In terms of glossy magazines, I'm reading 'Hello' and 'OK!,' 'Now,' 'Premiere' and sometimes 'Prima,' if my mother-in-law has been visiting."

"'Perfect Example' by John Porcellino, published by High Water Books," "Berlin" creator Jason Lutes told CBR News last week. "The art is deceptively simple, combining with a spare and direct narrative voice to communicate a more deeply moving narrative than almost any other comic book on the shelves. John Porcellino is an unsung master of the pure alchemy of words and pictures."

"My two big picks for summer reading, (sorry, I couldn't stick to one) are both historical graphic novels – 'A Thousand Ships' -- Age of Bronze Volume One by Eric Shanower (Image) and 'The Golem's Mighty Swing' by James Sturm (Drawn and Quarterly)," "Catwoman" writer Ed Brubaker told CBR News last week. "Though both are historical comics, they are completely different from each other, one is an epic adventure based on the Trojan war, the other the story of a traveling Jewish baseball team during the Depression. Both authors have done their research and clearly love their subject matter. In fact, there really has never been anything like these books on the market, and you should all rush right out to buy and enjoy them. (That 'Berlin' book by Jason Lutes is quite something as well)."

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