The CBR News Summer Reading List, Day 8

We're in the home stretch of the CBR News Summer Reading List. Yesterday saw recommendations by Brian Augystn, Tony Isabella, D. Curtis Johnson, John Ostrander and J. Torres. Here are today's recommending reading selections:

"Right now I'm about halfway through 'The Adventures of Kavalier & Klay' by Michael Chabon," "Hourman" writer Tom Peyer told CBR News last week. "You probably already know that this is a heavily-researched, Pulitzer-winning novel set in the Golden Age by an accomplished writer whose love for comics rivals yours and mine. So far, it's every bit as good as I'd hoped."

"I always recommend my personal favorite which is 'Hellboy,'" "Elektra" cover artist Greg Horn told CBR News last week. "Hellboy" creator Mike "Mignola is one of my favorite creators and I find all the Hellboy adventures are well written, organized, and designed. Mike's knowledge on the supernatural subject matter is really strong. Most importantly, Hellboy is very accessible to new readers -- you can jump aboard anywhere. Mignola's style and design sense is a special thing to see -- his figures are always dynamic and the action scenes really hurt. I respect the courage reflected in his art -- he doesn't feel the need to spell out all the details for you. He's not afraid to let the reader's mind do some work. He will draw a pitch black background and then add nothing but a single pointed arch or patch of bricks just as a reference to what kind of architecture is involved and then you do the rest with your imagination. One person will look at the panel and be subconsciously aware of an elegantly crafted wall and another person will imagine dark hallways with monsters lurking around every corner. Every reader is going to 'see' the perfect scene that they thought up themselves. I'll usually hand a friend 'The Corpse' and say 'Check this out -- It's Scooby-Doo on acid.'"

"Boy ... that's a tough one," "Three Fingers" creator Rich Koslowski told CBR News last week. "What's the comic that I'd recommend for people to pick up and read? ... there are so many good ones ... hmmm ... I can't believe I'm actually about to say what I'm going to say, but ... someone recommended I pick up 'X-Factor' when [writer Pete] Milligan and [artist Mike] Allred took over ... and I did (reluctantly, because there hasn't been a good 'X' book in years) ... and I loved it! Very cool. So try that one."

"'Catch-22,'" "Suicide Squad" writer Keith Giffen told CBR News last week. "Is there any other book?"

"'Watchmen,'" "Nocturnals" creator Dan Brereton told CBR News last week. "Although its a super-hero book, for me it epitomizes what makes comics great. It has everything you need -- and not only uses the best of the comics medium, it also incorporates the medium of comics in the story in a way that it vital to the story and to the tribute-like aspect of the story as well. I love this graphic novel."

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