The CBR News Summer Reading List, Day 6

Last week, we introduced you to the CBR News Summer Reading list. After all, doesn't everyone start on their assigned summer reading list in August?

The list was compiled by asking industry professionals what one work they'd recommend. Most recommended comics, of course, and a few recommended prose, but the one stipulation was that they had nothing to do with the book themselves. We heard from Larry Young, Jamal Igle, Beau Smith, Mike Deodato, Jeff Mariotte, Robert Weinberg, Steve Lieber, Bill Sienkiewicz, Shannon Wheeler, Dan Jolley, Phil Foglio, Marc Andreyko, Judd Winick, Tony Millionaire, John Cassaday, Chris Eliopoulos, Jimmy Palmiotti, Tom DeFalco, Michael Kaluta, Michael T. Gilbert, Scott Allie, Adam Hughes, Scott Kolins, Richard Starkings and Tim Truman. Whew.

Caught up on all the recommended reading? Good, because here are your assignments for today:

"A book I cannot give a higher mark for," Geoff Johns, writer of DC Comics' "The Flash," told CBR News last week, "'Detective Comics.'

"Greg Rucka has managed to recreate the Gotham P.D., making them much more engaging and interesting than Batman's costumed supporting cast. The coloring is the most unique among mainstream books -- and with the inclusion of Ed [Brubaker's] Slam Bradley back-up, 'Detective' has jumped to the top of my list."

"'Amazing [Spider-Man]' #30-33," Dan Fraga, creator of "Gear Station," told CBR News last week, "The J. Michael Strazynski stuff.

"The best Spidey in years!"

"'Why I Hate Saturn' by Kyle Baker," Milestone Media's Dwayne McDuffie told CBR News last week. "Even people who 'hate comics' come crawling back to me afterwards, begging for more."

"Do you mean BOOK book or comic book?" DC/Vertigo editor Heidi McDonald asked.

"If it's BOOK book, then my recommendation would be 'If Chins Could Kill' by Bruce Campbell ... it's a hilarious look at life as a struggling cult actor. Made me laugh out loud, it did.

"If it's COMIC book, I'll go with 'Ghost World' by Dan Clowes. You saw the movie, now read the comic ... it's a classic in its own right."

"These days?" asked Erik Larsen, creator of "The Savage Dragon" and artist of Marvel Comics' "The Defenders. "'Superman Adventures,' 'Powerpuff Girls,' 'Dexter's Laboratory' and 'The Simpson's.' They're all self-contained, well-produced and entertaining. There are other comics I like, to be sure, but these don't require waiting for any good jumping on point -- they're ready to be enjoyed now, today, this issue!"

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