The CBR News Summer Reading List, Day 5

By now, you're hip-deep in recommended reading by comics professionals, all a part of the CBR News Summer Reading List. Yesterday's installment featured works recommended by (but not the product of) Chris Eliopoulos, Jimmy Palmiotti, Tom DeFalco, Michael Kaluta and Michael T. Gilbert.

Today's is the last set for this week. But catch up over the weekend; next week we've got even more recommendations.

"I recommend 'Promethea' [from DC/WildStorm] to people day in and day out," Dark Horse Comics editor Scott Allie told CBR News on Monday. "I think it's a really advanced use of the medium, and considering how esoteric it is, I've been amazed at how many non-comics readers take the recommendation and read seven issues in a setting. I think it's the best thing being published today, one of the best things Alan Moore's ever done, which is of course saying a lot."

Now, by the rules set forth in compiling this reading list, Allie couldn't recommend anything he's worked on. It turns out that that's not a problem. Our next two pros today have done it for him.

"The book I most recommend, to friend and enemy alike, is Mike Mignola's 'Hellboy,'" "Wonder Woman" cover artist Adam Hughes told CBR News on Monday. "Why? Because it makes every damn day feel like Halloween."

"If you're talking comic book, then I'd suggest: 'Hellboy,'" "Flash" artist Scott Kolins told CBR News on Monday. "'Hellboy' is probably the best creation from the 1990s. The accessible horror Mike Mignola creates is too much fun.

"If you're talking book book, then I'd suggest: 'The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay' by Michael Chabon. I've actually only started this book, so there's always the chance it won't actually be good -- and indeed seems almost seems silly to recommend, if not for his dedications that show true admiration and love for comic books and the inventors of this medium.

"I'd suggest some books on tape which I'm having a lot of fun with now but you're talking about -- reading!"

"'Gemma Bovery' by Posy Simmonds," Richard Starkings, president of Comicraft told CBR News on Monday. "A heartbreaking story, beautifully told."

"I'm readin 'Byzantium,' a novel by Stephen Lawhead about an Irish priest who was captured by Vikings," Tim Truman told CBR News on Monday. "Also reading the last two volumes of George RR Martin's epic fantasy series. Pretty amazing. George is one of my favorite authors. And I might re-read 'Dune,' for kicks.

"Not much in the way of comics. Just catching up on some titles from the last three years that I've stacked on my night stand. Not much that really compels me, though it all looks purty."

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