The CBR News Summer Reading List, Day 4

By now, you've certainly whipped through the third day of the CBR News Summer Reading list, which featured selections chosen by Phil Foglio, Marc Andreyko, Judd Winick, Tony Millionaire and John Cassaday. Like those selections, today's syllabus features works chosen by comic industry professionals who were not involved in the creation of any of the works they recommend.

"Buddy Scalera wrote and self-published a [trade paperback] called 'Necrotic: Dead Flesh on a Living Body' which he gave me a preview copy to read," Chris Eliopoulos, creator of "Desperate Times," told CBR News on Monday. "Originally intended as a three issue series, it actually is a cool, fun read!"

"The one book this month I would have to say to pick up would be 'Ice Station' by Matt Reilly, an action adventure novel set in the south pole," Jimmy Palmiotti, the new writer of DC Comics' "Superboy," told CBR News on Monday. "If we are talking comic books, I would have to say am really enjoying Mike Mignola's new Hellboy series from Dark Horse Comics."

"I really enjoy 'Tellos' by Todd DeZago and Mike Weiringo," Tom DeFalco, writer of Image Comics' "Randy O'Donnell is the M@n!," told CBR News on Monday. "The art's a delight and the story's even better!"

"'A Soldier of the Great War, by Halpern,'" artist Michael Kaluta told CBR News on Monday. "Wait, do you mean comic book? Ha ha ha! WELL ... any of the 'Lenore' books."

"Comic recommendations?" Michael T. Gilbert, creator of "Mr. Monster," asked CBR News on Monday. "Well, I just picked up the latest 'Hogan's Alley' ... and if you enjoy interesting articles about famous and obscure comic strips you won't want to miss this annual magazine. Of course if you're really into all that stuff, you probably already have a sub to 'Hogan's Alley' ... so why am I wasting my time telling you, huh? HA gets little play in the fan press, but they always surprise and delight.

"Last issue, for example, they dug up lots of interesting info about the little-known Peanuts comic book stories from the '50s and '60s and the creators who worked on them. Not for everyone, but those who go nuts over old comic strips will love Hogan's Alley!"

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