The CBR News Summer Reading List, Day 3

We're up to day three of the CBR News Summer Reading List. Presumably by now, you've all read your day two assignments of must-read works selected by industry pros (none of whom worked on the books they recommended) Robert Weinberg, Steve Lieber, Bill Sienkiewicz, Shannon Wheeler and Dan Jolley.

Here then are day three's assignments. Note that not all books will include pictures, and that some works may be recommended multiple times. Re-read them, in that case.

"I recommend 'Guns, Germs & Steel,'" "Girl Genius" creator Phil Foglio told CBR news on Sunday. "Why? Because it is fascinating. It explains why things are the way they are socio-politically, and I find stuff like that pretty darn interesting."

"I think I'll have to go with Eric Shanower's 'A Thousand Ships' TPB (collecting the first arc of the incredible 'Age of Bronze' comic)," Marc Andreyko -- writer of "The Lost" -- told CBR News on Sunday. "Why? Well, because it is an overlooked gem of art, storytelling and history that is what the movie 'Gladiator' should have been if it had a plot. Eric just won a well-deserved, and long-in-coming Eisner, so hopefully, readers will take a chance on this TPB and be wonderfully surprised."

"Kyle Baker's 'Why I Hate Saturn,'" Judd Winick, creator of "Barry Ween" and writer of DC Comics' "Green Lantern," told CBR News on Monday. "It's the best book in the whole known world.

"AND -- Nick Hornby's 'About A Boy' -- same reason."

"Snake 'N' Bacon by Kupperman, because it is insane and hilarious," Tony Millionaire -- creator of "Maakies" and "Sock Monkey" -- told CBR News on Monday.

And finally, John Cassaday, artist of DC/WildStorm's "Planetary," keeps it short and sweet:

"'Hellboy,'" he told CBR News on Monday. "Anything 'Hellboy.'"

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