The CBR Boat Show Returns to Comic-Con

Last year, CBR did something unusual during Comic-Con International in San Diego -- we rented a 42' yacht and lived and worked off the boat! Can you think of a better setting than beautiful San Diego Harbor? Throughout Comic-Con, we conducted video interviews with a variety of comics creators, film actors and other industry professionals. The experience was such a hit with fans and guests, we've naturally decided to bring the CBR Boat Show back for a second year!

Yup, it's the CBR Yacht!

This year, the CBR Boat Show evolves in a number of ways. The entire show will be filmed in high definition, and we've invested in a number of bells and whistles to improve the overall quality of the show, with multiple video interviews to be pubished daily. And most auspiciously, the CBR Boat Show launches what will be a new regular feature to come on CBR: CBR TV!

We've already set up interviews with a number of top talents, including some surprise guests from Hollywood, but we're still booking interviews. If you're a publicist who'd like to pitch a visit from your talent, or a comics writer or artist with a big announcement you'd like to push in a unique way during Comic-Con, drop us an email or call 323-306-0636 ext. 101.

The CBR Boat Show will be a very exciting addition to CBR's full coverage of Comic-Con International, taking place July 23 - 28 in San Diego. The CBR Boat Show is sponsored by Radical Publishing. Look for more news about CBR's coverage of Comic-Con International in the coming weeks!

Hope to see you there!

Jonah Weiland

Executive Producer, Comic Book Resources

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