The Cast Of <i>Lost</i> Says Farewell

With only one episode remaining, it's time for fans to say goodbye to Lost. But it isn't just the viewers mourning a loss — the cast and crew are saying goodbye, too. During ABC's fall schedule presentation earlier this week, the network showed a video chronicling some final words from Matthew Fox, Evangline Lilly, Josh Holloway and the other various cast members of Lost. Check out the video and a transcript below.

Daniel Dae Kim: "When we first started, we were so happy to meet one another because we were excited to take this trip together."

Yunjin Kim: "Us being away from our families, friends and familiar environments brought us really close right from the beginning."

Josh Holloway: "I remember we all went to a bar, the cast, after the numbers came out for the pilot. We celebrated that night. That was really the first night I believed I could throw away my boxes and stick around."

Naveen Andrews: "It's rare for something to be critically acclaimed and acclaimed by the public."

Jorge Garcia: "When I read the ending, it was... I was pretty moved. I actually got kind of emotional."

Matthew Fox: "It's a very rare and incredibly rewarding experience. I feel very fortunate to have had it."

Evangeline Lilly: "I came in as one person and I'm going out as another person. I will be forever grateful."

Terry O'Quinn: "I'll miss it terribly. I'll miss John Locke like hell."

Evangeline Lilly: "We want the last frame of the last show to be about these people we introduced you to six years ago and carried you on journeys with and leave you with them and leave you with their story. I think it's honorable."

Daniel Dae Kim: "I don't think you can have a conversation about television in the 21st century without mentioning Lost."

Terry O'Quinn: "You close the book and you don't want the book to come to an end. But you close the book and you go, 'God, that was great.'"

Matthew Fox: "I'm so honored and proud to have been a part of it. To me, I couldn't have imagined it coming to an end in such a beautiful way."

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