The Carol Corps Enlists Stohl, Rosanas for New "Captain Marvel" Series

With "Civil War II," Marvel has put Iron Man up against a totally different Captain -- Captain Marvel. The series has placed the two mainstay Avengers at odds with each other, and the stakes have never been higher and the consequences so dire.

This fall, the aftermath of Carol Danvers' major role in "Civil War II" will be explored in a new "Captain Marvel" ongoing from writer Margaret Stohl and artist Ramon Rosanas with covers by Dave Johnson. Announced via The Hollywood Reporter, will follow the hero's adventures as she navigates a new level of popularity -- and controversy -- among the denizens of the Marvel Universe.

"She will be one of the most popular heroes on the planet-but that's not something she is very comfortable with," Stohl tells THR. "Captain Marvel has suddenly become a household name -- so what now? While she finds herself at the top of her game, she'll also discover that being there means that game is more dangerous and complicated than ever."

Stohl is a novelist best known for her "Caster Chronicles" series and the Marvel novel "Black Widow: Forever Red." She's added comic writer to her resume with a stories in "Mockingbird: S.H.I.E.L.D. 50th Anniversary" as well as "Gwenpool Special" #1. Rosanas is coming off a lengthy stint as the artist on "Astonishing Ant-Man."

Captain Marvel," by writer Margaret Stohl and artist Ramon Rosanas, arrives in October.

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