'The call of duty: The Brotherhood #1' an instant sell-out

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Due to a mainstream media blitz -- and responding to the hundreds ofretailers who are reporting an instant sell-out -- Marvel is reprinting THECALL OF DUTY: THE BROTHERHOOD #1 in the affordable MARVEL MUST HAVE format.

THE CALL OF DUTY: THE BROTHERHOOD #1 - THE MARVEL MUST HAVE will be a96-page one-shot priced at $2.99. The action-packed volume will reprint the entire 48-page story from THE BROTHERHOOD #1 (by writer Chuck Austen and penciler David Finch), and -- for only 74 cents more than the cost of that issue --- will also include DAREDEVIL #32 and DAREDEVIL #33 (in which writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Alex Maleev "out" Matt Murdock's costumed identity).

"Retailers will notice that previous MARVEL MUST HAVE volumes were $3.99, but we've slashed the price by a dollar here," said Marvel Managing Editor David Bogart. "We want retailers to be able to get this issue into as many hands as possible. Thanks to all the media coverage, we all have a great opportunity to reach new readers, and we're doing all we can to help retailers do just that."

The one-shot, currently available for order through Diamond ComicsDistributors, will go on sale in Direct Market comic shops on Wednesday, June 26th.

THE CALL OF DUTY: THE BROTHERHOOD is the first of three mini-series that spotlights "real" heroes firefighters, police officers, and the EMS who put their lives on the line to protect humanity. In addition to it's first issue sell-out, THE BROTHERHOOD was read by over 40,000 people online at Marvel.com as a free Marvel dotComic, a readership that is roughly double that of DC's Batman.

As they experienced with HEROES, MOMENT OF SILENCE and the recent SPIDER-MAN frenzy, retailers are advised to anticipate increased consumer interest in all three THE CALL OF DUTY mini-series (THE BROTHERHOOD, THE PRECINCT and THE WAGON). An avalanche of mainstream media outlets -- including The Today Show, The New York Times, The Chicago Sun Times, USA Today, ABC World News Tonight, CNN, Fox, E! Entertainment, CNBC, MSNBC, CBS and the Associated Press -- continue to cover this innovative launch, driving huge numbers ofthe curious into stores across North America.

"We have had several media outlets in our store today, including Reuters and CNN," stated Gerry Gladston, of New York City's Mid Town Comics. "Sales are absolutely through the roof. We are getting people in off the street in droves, including firefighters and people who wouldn't normally stop in to buy comics."

"We are being besieged by calls from the press: TV, radio, newspapers, you name it," added Henry Scagnoli, of Massachusetts's New England Comics. "We are sold out of THE BROTHERHOOD #1 already. I told my people to order tons more, but they didn't listen."

"We have no copies left! They were gone in a few hours this morning," wailed Chris Highberg, of Texas's Lone Star Comics. "People were lined up outside well before the doors opened. Many of them I have never seen in the store before. We can definitely use that MARVEL MUST HAVE ."

"We had to limit people's purchase to one or two copies," explained Joel Querubin, of Illinois's Graham Crackers Comics. "Customers were coming in attempting to buy bags of them. We sold out immediately. They're gone! And we have so many people in our store who aren't regular customers!"

"We're completely sold out," echoed Greg Buls, of Arizona's BulldogCollectibles. "I'm very glad to hear that this issue will re-appear as a MARVEL MUST HAVE with the new DAREDEVIL story-arc."

"We were definitely caught off-guard on this one," admitted DemetriusExarhakos, of Canada's Distribution Universe. "We were absolutely sold out within hours of it hitting the shelves. It sold well above our expectations. Thanks for the heads up on the MARVEL MUST HAVE printing!"

"We sold out in a matter of hours," revealed Vinny Necco of New York City's Jim Hanley's Universe. "We limited everyone to one copy per person. People were lined up at our doors for our noon opening, and the comics were gone by 3:00. Thanks for doing the MARVEL MUST HAVE."

"We have seen huge sales, which is amazing as this title doesn't carry a previously known 'super-hero' brand name," marveled Will Moulton, of Colorado's Mile High Comics. "We are sold out in most of our locations already! Bring on the MARVEL MUST HAVE!"

Retailers are encouraged to call their Diamond Representative today to order THE CALL OF DUTY: THE BROTHERHOOD #1 - THE MARVEL MUST HAVE EDITION (using the Diamond Order Code of MAYO25027D).

Retailers are also reminded that THE CALL OF DUTY: THE BROTHERHOOD #2 goes on sale July 3rd (with an Order Cut-Off Date of June 13th), that THE CALL OF DUTY: THE PRECINCT #1 goes on sale July 10th (with an Order Cut-Off Date of June 20th), and that THE CALL OF DUTY: THE WAGON #1 goes on sale August 21st (with an Order Cut-Off Date of August 1st).

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