The Buy Pile: Happy Halloween With Charlie's Angels

Heroes In Crisis #2 wasn't the astounding accomplishment of its predecessor, but it still has some very strong character moments that engage. The plot conceit ... it's a little hard to believe, with an almost Deadpool level of plot contrivance, but the high production values continue to provide an experience. RATING: HONORABLE MENTION.

Star Wars Adventures Tales From Vader's Castle #5 was a sanitized scare, casting the Sith in shadow and obscuring his horrible might as two characters who wouldn't make it through a cut scene in most video games pulled off something seemingly impossible. Like a single Skittle, this issue didn't give you enough to satisfy. RATING: MEH.

X-Men Black Emma Frost #1 goes to the X-Men, hat in hand, and proceeds to become completely predictable in a quest to somehow justify the title going to the most alabaster person on Earth 616 this side of Tandy Bowen. There's a neat trick with a door, a nice bit of misdirection and some cute uses of telepathy, but this didn't quite do enough to distinguish Emma's work from any other time she's been a professional horrible person. RATING: HONORABLE MENTION.

Tony Stark Iron Man #5 starts to develop a new challenge for the titular futurist, and it might be more than he can handle. Arno Stark -- the true heir and first born of the Stark legacy, is bored and passionate about using his hacked biochemistry and genius IQ to change the world. This issue, which only mentions Tony Stark in passing, feels like watching storm clouds gather on the horizon. Slow, but not bad per se. RATING: MEH.

Green Lantern Huckleberry Hound Special #1 tried to have the resonance of Hard Traveling Heroes but instead had the impotence of Superman: Peace on Earth, casting John Stewart's elder brother in the role of a hashtag before social media and charging hm with understanding restraint. This tried valiantly for the nuance of soul music but was tone deaf, instead shuffling an awkward polka towards irrelevance. Also, coincidentally, Huckleberry Hound was totally wasted here, playing a role of zero significance that didn't even follow the continuity of his star turn in that recent Snagglepuss mini. RATING: NO. JUST ... NO.


One good, one bad, the comics giveth and the comics taketh away, so let's call it a wash with everything in between.


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